Recreate an iconic music movie video starring your employees!

You could crawl out of the ground as a zombie in Thriller or Vaccuum in a moustache, whatever inspires you and your company.

This fantastic team buiding event will take you through all the stages of recording and producing your own music video.


On arrival there will be a meet and greet with our team. You will be split in to teams and each team will decide which iconic music video best describes your company and the people who you work with.

The first part of the session takes the lyrics apart and with the help of our team rewrites them with your company message in. This is followed by a vocal coaching session and then the newly rewritten track recorded by you in our professional recording studio.

The next part of the session introduces our amazing choreographers who have worked on strictly, the Brits and X-factor and a number of A-list celebrities including Katy Perry, Beyonce and Robbie Williams.

They will teach you new moves and help put it all together 



Our team will guide you through the process

This structured day will see you 


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